MAPLEBLUME Luxury in a box 

I would like to begin by saying that it's so refreshing to see more Canadian subscription boxes offered to beauty lovers on our side of the border. With the exchange rate right now, there's no savings on ordering beauty subscription boxes from the United States. I jumped on the opportunity to review a wonderful and … Continue reading MAPLEBLUME Luxury in a box 


Five Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try!

Fall is just around the corner and 2016 has some of the hottest trends in beauty. From graphic lids to red lips. This Autumn features trendsetting looks that you can recreate at home with just a few must-have products. Here are my 5 top Fall /16 favourite looks that are a total DIY. BLACKOUT Black … Continue reading Five Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try!

Teri Miyahira Beauty – May Subscription Box

Hello lovelies, I hope you're enjoying this amazing summer! It's very hot and humid in Toronto, and this is the time when I use the motto "less is more" when it comes to my makeup/skincare routine. I wear very lightweight makeup and mostly cream and or liquid products, as I don't like the feel of … Continue reading Teri Miyahira Beauty – May Subscription Box

Gia Minerals: Where Beauty Meets Nature

Only this year I jumped on the Gia Minerals band wagon and I'm glad I did! Another great Canadian favourite of mine, this company has recently revamped their logo which I absolutely love, and creates beautiful products with superb quality and a colourful flare. Gia Minerals - Gia meaning "earth" in Greek is created in the heart of … Continue reading Gia Minerals: Where Beauty Meets Nature

Faerie Organics Spring Collection

If you love clean simple makeup and skincare created with organic and natural ingredients, I have my favourite Spring products on the blog today that may raise your temperature a little, and their pretty lovely I must say. I had an immediate "love at first sight" with Faerie Organics products for the first time last year. I loved … Continue reading Faerie Organics Spring Collection

Zuii Organic Flora Mascara & Concealer Pencil Review 

Hello lovelies, if you can't leave the house without a good mascara and a quick touch-up concealer, I've found the perfect duo that will freshen your features up in a jiffy! Being a makeup artist and green beauty blogger, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect quick and easy non-toxic makeup must-haves. So I wanted … Continue reading Zuii Organic Flora Mascara & Concealer Pencil Review 

Jane Iredale Beauty

       Hello lovelies! Don't you love makeup that's simple, natural and healthy for your skin? Looking for lovely makeup that's pretty and not complicated? Then you will be delighted and excited to learn about Jane Iredale Cosmetics...Natural makeup with a flare..Warning!..You will fall in love with this beautiful collection. Jane created Iredale Mineral … Continue reading Jane Iredale Beauty