When it comes to beauty, I’m all about the “less is more” routine. Though I always look for the best ingredients to use on my delicate skin. My morning and evening routine usually consists of a cleanser, toner, glycolic or vitamin C serum, face and eye cream. 

Recently, I was sent a new product {PH + Enzyme Essence} from Kat Burki. I had previously shared a review on the Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream {which I’m tempted to invest in another jar btw} and the results were truly amazing! No wonder it’s one of their top-selling moisturizers. 

Kat Burki added a new and innovative skincare treatment to their already growing collection and it’s a must-try product. PH + Enzyme Essence is an essential to anyone’s skincare routine. This intense treatment strengthens the skin’s barrier and optimizes the PH level to protect it from environmental toxins and the aging process. Natural fruit enzymes help to resurface skin, while addressing hyperpigmentation and stimulating collagen production. 

What I loved about this product was the the frosted glass bottle with metallic silver cap. The simplicity and spa-like feel of the bottle was right up my alley. The fragrance in this essence has a sweet yet calming scent but not over the top. It reminded me of a crisp glass of cucumber water, although there’s no ingredients of cucumber listed. One pump is all I needed of the jelly-like formula. It felt very silky, neither oily, nor sticky. It absorbed immediately into my skin, leaving a refined and smooth finish. Zero stinging and no reaction to my normal/combination skin type. 

Jam packed with antioxidants, the fruit enzymes in the essence help to resurface the acid mantle. Turmeric assists in strengthening the skin and vitamin C from orange hydrosols, pumpkin seed oil and papaya support collagen to maintain firmness and structure of the skin. Licorice root brightens skin and fights hyperpigmentation. Bioactive pumpkin and papaya enzymes are rich in iron, zinc, C and vitamin K to strengthen the response of cellular turnover and the exfoliating process. 

Kat Burki implemented the first certified cold-processing technology to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain maximum effectiveness. Cold-processing keeps all ingredients in the processing stage at their highest level of efficacy. Kat Burki products are compounded and nutrient-dense formulations without the use of any fillers, alcohol, dimethicone and water. The formulas are enriched with their trademarked signature blend. The anti-inflammatory base promotes, improves and supports skin’s elasticity, helps stimulate collagen production, increase microcirculation all while offering antibacterial properties and strengthening capillary walls. 

Although this is an extra step in my skincare routine, the clarity and texture of my skin improved, appearing more refined and firm. I use this ritually in my morning and evening routine, while noticing how much more effective it made my other skincare products work. My makeup even applies better. A genuinely share-worthy product in my opinion. If you love glowy skin, you need this product. 

Overall, PH + Enzyme contains an impressive list of ingredients that are very effective for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The essence will set you back about $100, but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. Now I may need to splurge on that vitamin C cream again. 

Have you tried Kat Burki skincare? What are your favourites?

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