Indigena Skincare Review

Are you in need of some serious skin pampering? Want to bring back that youthful glow? I personally love taking the time for a self-care ritual at least once a week. I feel more relaxed and my body is 100% rejuvenated. 

I had the opportunity to review Indigena Skincare which hand-crafts 100% of their skincare collection in Newfoundland, Canada. Unique hand-harvested indigenous botanicals from the land and sea are high in antioxidants. These botanical “superstars” have the ability to survive fluctuating temperatures and constant change of weather of the North Atlantic. Indigena Skincare was kind enough to send me an assortment of bath and body treats to indulge in and share my thoughts with you. Keep reading below and take notes of your favourites.

BATH SOAKS $24 CAD {Box of 6} 

I love a good bath soak. Especially after a hardcore workout, or when I need some relaxation time. I absolutely adore these bath soaks! Each individual packette contains a blend of carefully selected ingredients that invigorate, exfoliate and soothe the skin. I received a box of six bath soaks which contained a selection of their most popular. 

Blueberry – I am obsessed with blueberries! The scent of blueberry bath soak is uplifting and refreshing. Sea salt, orange essential oil and dried blueberries invigorate and hydrate skin. My favourite of the bunch. 

Sea Veggie – If you have problematic or dehydrated skin, this is the perfect remedy. Laminaria digitata powder, {seaweed/kelp} sea salt and orange oil exfoliate skin, leaving it soothed and hydrated. 

Sea Goddess – Long day at work? On your feet all day? This cooling bath soak is the perfect soothing and relaxing treatment. Tri-coloured seaweed looks like blooming flowers in the water while antibacterial peppermint oil relieves congestion and headaches. 

Partridgeberry – I love anything sweet! Partridgeberry bath soak makes the perfect calorie-free treat. Brightening dried berry extracts from partridgeberry and squashberry gently exfoliate the skin. Cooling wintergreen and peppermint oil rejuvenate tired muscles. A favourite of mine after an intense workout. 

Sea Berry – Sensitive skin? A super-gentle bath soak that compliments fragile skin. Soothing seabuckthorne and sea salt, exfoliate, calm and hydrate skin. This is also a great treatment for eczema and rosacea skin types. 

Wildridge – End your day with the perfect relaxing blend of frankincense, lemon, lavender essential oils and hand-picked red clover. After this calming treatment you’re ready to catch some Z’s. I love this one too! 


These bath bombs are bomb! – pun intended. Jam-packed with natural ingredients to soothe your mind and body. Partridgeberry bath bomb was the one I experienced and it was absolutely calming. Enriched with peppermint essential oil, grapeseed oil and hand-picked partridgeberry. This blend instantly soothes an achy headache, energizes and hydrates skin. All you do is drop one bath bomb into warm water and inhale the natural aromas and botanicals. Fizzy is the new fun!!! 


I love body scrubs! Perfect for removing dead skin and prepping it for application of your favourite body product. This versatile blueberry sugar scrub can be used both on the face and body. Refreshing citrus makes the perfect summer treat to prep your skin to super-softness. Wild Newfoundland blueberries, sweet orange oil, coconut oil and vitamin E gently exfoliate and moisturize. I prefer not to use scrubs on my face as I’m somewhat sensitive, though I would use this as a gentle lip scrub. All-natural, 100% edible ingredients make this sweet scrub the perfect skin treat.


I love lip products! I apply it on the daily. I’m simply obsessed with keeping my lips nourished and soft. There’s always a lip product in my handbag, no doubt. These all-natural soothing lip balms are amazing! Made with organic beeswax, organic coconut oil and sweet orange oil to soothe and hydrate. Partridgeberry lip balm also contains partridgeberry oil which has anti-aging properties to help with fine lines around the lip area. If you have delicate lips, Smooch {original formula} contains vitamin E and Labrador tea oil {antioxidant} to naturally protect and soothe fragile lips. Since I have both flavours, I always carry one in my purse and one on my nightstand. No dry lippies here! 

If I’ve enticed you with my review of Indigena Skincare, I truly recommend you invest in a few skincare products to experience for yourself. You will love truly love this 100% all-natural, botanical and Canadian crafted skincare collection. 

Click here to shop and use code {paulakhanbeauty} to save at checkout. 

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