MAPLEBLUME Luxury in a box 

I would like to begin by saying that it’s so refreshing to see more Canadian subscription boxes offered to beauty lovers on our side of the border. With the exchange rate right now, there’s no savings on ordering beauty subscription boxes from the United States. I jumped on the opportunity to review a wonderful and very new beauty box in town, and it’s outrageously good I must say.! 

Mapleblume, is all about luxury products in a box. Perfect for the green beauty enthusiast or for the individual wanting to experience more natural beauty products. Mapleblume carefully selects the products that go into each box and trust me they don’t disappoint. This months box contains FIVE full-size products {skincare and makeup} and a sweet little maple sugar treat from White Meadows Farms that you’ll go gaga for! The best part? The value of this box is over $220 CAD! Every bi-monthly box will always contain a minimum of five products..are you on cloud nine right about now.? 

Since I love skincare the most {I’m all over the natural glow} let’s start with that first. Excited to see what’s in this box? Keep reading below! {prices shown are in Canadian dollars}.


I’m going be honest here and say I’m afraid of oil! I don’t prefer to use oils on my skin since having a crazy dermatitis breakout last year. The good news is., I’m not afraid of cleansing oils because…you simply rinse them off.

Biodara cleanser contains a therapeutic blend of organic essential oils that emulsify makeup and impurities, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. The pretty glass bottle pumps out just the right amount of oil to cleanse the skin and the accompanying cotton cloth helps to gently remove product. 


I love facial mists! They are a great way to freshen up your complexion, hydrate and set your makeup. The soothing scent of certified organic floral and pure essential oils is relaxing yet uplifting. I love to use this throughout the day, it’s the perfect skin treat. 


I love using serums! They are a must in my skincare routine. With the inconsistency of winter temperatures, my skin is feeling the dryness. The hylamide serum {The Abnormal Beauty Company} is the perfect rescue treatment in boosting hydration levels of the skin, giving it a healthy glow. A low-molecular serum, it contains five forms of hyaluronic compounds that offer short and long-term surface and below surface hydration. After a few days your skin is left plump and luminous..fab product! 


Odacite eye serum… beyond excited! I have always wanted to experience this brand. I was given a sample {hand and heel balm} and was always curious of the full skincare collection. The highly nutritive serum in this months box is formulated for the delicate skin of the eye contour. Just a few drops of this intense serum rich in Baobab, Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa, Neroli and Lavender oils help to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity, and relieve puffiness and dark circles. The calming aromatic scent is cheerful and uplifting, and perfect for day and night. Who doesn’t want younger looking eyes? 

Love what’s included in skincare? Let’s get to the makeup products now.! 


This is by far my favourite natural highlighter that I’ve ever tried. I absolutely love RMS products, I have a small collection of favourites from their famous “un” cover-up to their sublime lip shine. A few taps of this beautiful mother of pearl highlighter gives the skin an ethereal glow, so natural I must say. The blend of Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Rosemary Extract calm and soothe the skin. A stunning luminizer that’s super versatile and a must-have beauty staple! 


I’ve never tried Hynt beauty before so this was a total treat. I love to wear lipgloss, especially ones that are silky and smooth. This vegan lipgloss from Hynt Beauty is formulated with natural ingredients of Castor Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Grapefruit Seed and Jojoba Oil to soothe and hydrate, leaving nothing but a gorgeously soft, shimmering pout. In this box comes the shade Liquid Garnet, a beautiful warm and spicy plum with shimmer..super pretty.! Though I’m not a fan of flavourless lip glosses, this is a bonus to the sensitive individual. 

Mapleblume Luxury Box is available for purchase in Canada, and will be available in the U.S beginning in April. The best part is that you have the option of purchasing one box {$130} or joining and have it delivered every other month {$120} to your doorstep. I love this {no strings attached} option!! Want to get in on this luxury goodness? Follow Mapleblume on Instagram for more info and I hope you love Mapleblume as much as I have!

What do you think of this box? Share your comments! 



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