Review: Luna Bronze  

I don’t know about you but I love a glow. Hot Canadian temps leave my skin with the most beautiful tan. I knew my European roots would come in handy. I love the sun too much, but secretly thankful that I’m not blessed with a 365 day glow. If that was the case I’m sure I would look old and pruny. 

Back in the 90’s it was all about the tanning beds. I would crank up the dial and bake for almost an hour. I know so awful. I was obsessed with looking dark. The bronzier the better. I mean c’mon it does give the illusion of a fitter body..NO cellulite, stretch marks or scars visible. 

Nowadays, I’m definitely more aware of the choices I make when it comes to investing in beauty. I opt for less synthetic and chemical ingredients in products, but there’s moments where some conventional beauty products just perform better. 

One of the best and most affordable self-tanning products that I’ve come to love is from Luna Bronze. Hands down the best I’ve tried in green beauty! Reasonably-priced…and one tube lasts  me forever! A little goes along way. For $30 Aus {$30 CAD} dollars it’s worth every penny.  

Glow gradual tanner is the first to launch of the Luna Bronze line. It’s definitely gaining quite the popularity in the green beauty community. I was attracted to the sleek packaging instantly. Simple, clean and who doesn’t love black. The natural blend of 100% organic ingredients offer impressive results. Sadly this is the only photo of Glow I snapped..sorry. 

Luna Bronzed is packed with hydrating oils of Coconut, Rose Hip and Jojoba. Aloe Vera {its main ingredient} antioxidant rich Organic Goji Berries with hints of Caffeine firm and tighten skin. Lovely essential oils of Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle And Ylang Ylang leave skin smelling subtle and sweet.  The natural 2.5% DHA {Dihydroxyacetone} per EcoCert is derived from plants like sugar beets and carrots. The natural plant enzymes react with the skins enzymes to create a bronzed colour naturally. 

I do crave an intense glow once in a while, especially for the summer season. Newly launched Radiant is a more intense version of Glow. With a 5.5% natural DHA per EcoCert standards it develops within 6 hours. Radiant is full of the same beneficial ingredients as Glow but with the added natural Caramel for a more enriched tan. Guareented to look vacation ready in it.! 

I highly recommend Luna Bronze for all you beauties who want a natural looking tan sans the sun. 

Shop Luna Bronze here and be sure to follow me Paulakhanbeauty on Instagram for more beauty + fashion + lifestyle.




3 thoughts on “Review: Luna Bronze  

    1. Hi! I usually would apply mine in the evening and shower in the morning. Yes I found the self-tanner would transfer a bit. I liked both for different purposes, but personally opted for the gradual tanner instead. I found the self-tanning lotion could darken a tad bit too much for my liking. The scent was great {citrus} and easy to apply. The gradual tanner {glow} was more natural looking and non-streaky. Hope this helps! xx

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