Yoga Glow Review 


Did you know that spices have been used for hundreds of years and do many wonders for our health? of course you did! One spice that’s making a come back is turmeric, a bright yellow and quite powerful antioxidant that is reputable for being beneficial to our health. 

Many natural based cosmetic companies are even using turmeric in their skincare products. I never reached for spices like turmeric in the past. I always thought where and what would I use it for? I didn’t even know that turmeric had so many health benefits! Why didn’t I think that this powerful spice could do so many magical things before?  With all the latest craze for turmeric I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The lovely brand I will be featuring today on the blog is Yoga Glow – an all natural Australian wellness company. Ayurveda – The Science of Life, its principles are based upon a preventative approach to wellness. Yoga Glow’s Ayurvedic inspired products use turmeric to help detoxify, energize and beautify your outer and inner body. Prachi, the founder of Yoga Glow was generous enough to send me a few of her top selling products to review. Interested to read my thoughts? Keep scrolling down :-).


I’m on my latest smoothie kick craze since I’ve started my “healthier” eating plan for 2017. I will admit that I still like to eat the odd eclair now and then, so don’t judge ;-).  Adding the most beneficial ingredients into my smoothies is what really gets me energized for the day ahead. What I loved about turmelixir is the many benefits it contained in boosting your overall health. Turmelixir is loaded with antioxidants of turmeric, black pepper, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and saffron. Just 1/2 teaspoon improves gut health, detoxification, reducing inflammation and improving immunity.

 I love adding just a pinch to my smoothies. I find it gives it some pizazz. I also came across an aha moment when I came to the realization that turmelixr tastes quite similar to chamomile tea. I took advantage when I wasn’t feeling well to make a cup of elixir to beat a bad cold that had overcome me. Battling the flu is not always cupcakes and gumdrops. One teaspoon of elixir to a cup of hot water (make sure to stir well) and honey was the perfect concoction to sip throughout the day. Within days I was feeling more energetic, ready to kick BOB’S ass in kickboxing. FYI BOB stands for – body opponent bag, so no real “Bob” was harmed.

If you’re one who has many sensitivities to certain ingredients turmelixir is gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine free. As I don’t usually use elixirs on a daily basis, this ones great to keep in your pantry for any emergencies.

Detox Mask 

I can’t say that I suffer from problematic skin. I usually just get the odd “time of the month” blemish and a few blackheads. With that said, I still love a good detox mask to deep cleanse my skin. I usually reach for masks that are ready to be applied. I have used dry masks in the past, but they were just meh. 

The Detox mask from Yoga Glow is made up of finely ground powder containing organic turmeric, sandalwood, fuller’s earth clay and gram flour to draw out toxins and impurities from your skin. You can mix the powder with any ingredient you like, but I simply used water. I’m definitely trying Greek yogurt next time since my skin has been quite dry lately. I applied the mask mixture on my face with a synthetic brush (fingers work aswell) and I let it dry for approx 10 mins. My skin felt so tight I couldn’t even smile and all I could see were tiny holes on my face – not so pretty! I rinsed the mask off and immediately my face looked rosy and glowing..fresh and healthy-looking! My pores definitely appeared smaller and I saw fewer blackheads. I wouldn’t recommend using the detox mask more than once a week, but it totally makes the perfect emergency spot treatment. 

Detox Soak & Scrub

This year I went full force and joined an all women kickboxing studio. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I loved it. I had taken kickboxing classes in the past, but this time around I really felt the challenge. I have to admit recovery at times were unbearable, and the colder temperatures can exasperate the pain. This is where the moment of truth happened. The moment I had been waiting for – a nice and hot uninterrupted me time bath to soothe my achy muscles. I couldn’t wait to jump in! A few sprinkles of powder turned the water a murky yellow, but I didn’t mind at all. A nice soak for 10-15 minutes was enough time for me to absorb the ingredients and just relax and not think about anything. Detox’s blend of fuller’s earth clay, cinnamon powder, ginger root powder, ground cloves and epsom salt were very gentle and soothing. My skin felt soft and smooth afterwards and I felt more relaxed. My aches subsided a bit, but I’m sure with continued use I will see more benefits of this treatment. 

In A Nutshell 

Yoga Glow products contain some impressive  ingredients that are beneficial for overall  wellness. As mentioned in this blog, I’m not a big fan of mixing powders to create masks (a bit time consuming) though detox mask worked wonders on my skin, I would continue to use it now and then. Turmeric is an ingredient to keep in mind if you’re open to introducing new spices into your lifestyle. It can be used in many ways and as they say it’s one magical powder.



Improves overall health

Contains beneficial ingredients 


For All skin types 


Can stain, so use wisely. 

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and you can purchase the full collection of Yoga Glow products here

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