Foreo Luna & Luna Mini 2 

Hello all! 

 It’s been a while since I’ve been active on the blog, but I was eager to take some time off to jam with the family and just limit myself on social media. I must admit, I got a bit lazy too! So now that I’m back on, I hope you all enjoy this read. 

If you’ve followed my blog for some time now, you would know I’m a total skincare fanatic. I love diving into products, testing, reviewing and sharing my thoughts here. 

I had previously heard talk about a “Foreo” cleansing device but didn’t put much thought of interest into it as I already owned a Clarisonic. But perusing the isles of Sephora peaked my interest everytime I passed the colourful shelf full of devices. I jumped on the bandwagon and splurged on the Luna Mini 2. The original Luna was a gift, an expensive gift I shall say. 


 What is Foreo?

Foreo, a brand that launched in 2013 specializes in beauty and well-being solutions, even creating tooth brushes and eye firming devices. Their products are designed in Sweden just like Ikea, (no wonder they are ahead in their modern edge designs), but are super popular with their innovative products worldwide. Foreo is now globally available in over 35 countries (talk about innovative technology) and being the skincare and somewhat “techy” addict that I am, I had to share some info on this state-of-the-art brand and my thoughts. 


The Luna VS The Luna Mini 2..Which One’s For You?

Luna /Combination Skin – $229 CAD 

I’ll spill the beans and let you know that I love my Luna for combination skin. This nifty and waterproof device fits perfectly into your palm and is very easy to control. Its smart design is more effective than the mini 2 for my normal/combo skin. The cleansing side is made up of tiny silicone touch points to deeply cleanse impurities and makeup, with up to 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute. The + and – setting also gives you the option of a more gentle or deeper exfoliating cleanse. Lower frequency pulsations on the other side smooth and firm skin and aid with absorption of your skincare treatments. I use the Luna in the morning for approx one minute with the Awakening Radiance Yogurt Day Cleanser which helps to gently cleanse and brighten skin. In the evening, I pre-cleanse my skin first with a micellar water or oil cleanser, then use the Celestial Melting Gel Night Cleanser with the Luna for one minute. The melting cleanser is great with deeper cleansing, but not so great at removing eye makeup. Since using the Luna for over a month now, my skin feels smoother, firmer and I have an overall radiance and youthful glow.  A total worth-it splurge. 


• Has two unique modes (cleansing and anti -aging)

• No charging needed for up to five months

• Easy to clean (use foreo cleansing spray for best results)

• Suitable for Normal/Combination skin

• Waterproof

• No changing of brush heads 

• Can be used on the body 


• A bit pricey   

Luna Mini 2 /All Skin Types – $159 CAD 


Let me start of by saying this little guy caught my eye because of the size and colour. I love that it comes in black, it definitely makes a statement. The Luna mini 2 was very easy to use. The + and – settings give you the option of a more gentle or deeper cleanse just like the Luna. But, (yes there’s a but) the only thing I did not like about the mini 2 is that it does not have an anti-aging side like the original Luna does, sorry but my mid 30’s skin needs some gravity saving. Now, If you have a normal and young skin type, this is perfect for you. It’s simple to use, very gentle and cleanses well. Identical when it comes to the original Luna, with its 8,000 T-sonic pulsations and waterproof design, the mini 2 can me used both day and night and in the shower. The gentle silicone touch points allow you to get around areas of the face and under the eye area aswell. This particular model is perfect for the individual looking to start off with a cleansing device, but doesn’t want to break the bank.  


• Easy to use 

• Travel-friendly

• Suitable for all skin types 

• Waterproof 

• No charge needed for up to five months

• Easy to clean (use Foreo cleansing spray for best results)

• No changing of brush heads


• No anti-aging setting 

So if you’re looking for a cleansing accessory that’s low maintenance, gives prestige results and travel-friendly? Foreo is the perfect tool that’s suitable for everyone’s lifestyle.

Do you love your Foreo? Share your comments and follow me on Instagram @paulakhanbeauty



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