Crawford Street Skincare

 If you love pampering your body and have an eye for “green” products, then you’ll want to read about this simple and all-natural skincare company from Toronto, Canada, which will uplift your senses and of course beautify your skin.

Crawford Street Skincare carries a beautiful selection of facial and body care products. The collection of products that I had the sheer delight of reviewing are simple to use and deliciously good…seriously! But first I want to share a quick tidbit on how Crawford Street skincare began and the beauty and brains behind it. 

Gaelyne Leslie had a severe allergic reaction to one of her commercial facial moisturizers. With an investigative journalist background, Gaelyne researched the long list of ingredients in the moisturizer and was horrified with the toxic ingredients and how it left her skin. Experimenting with natural ingredients, Gaelyne came up with a cream that was not only 100% natural but really worked! Friends noticed the difference in her skin and how it was glowing. Gaelyne experimented more in her kitchen and finally created a small line of handcrafted skincare. As a journalist, Gaelyne is committed to quality and integrity and wanted the same values in her skincare collection. 

 “I believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. And what is left out, is as important as what is mixed in.”

So…lets get to the yummy products that I had the opportunity to treat myself with.

  Rose Geranium 2-1 Soothing Cleanser $15

I love a cleanser that’s gentle when removing  makeup and impurities from my skin. This creamy 2-1 face wash and makeup remover was simple to use and left my skin fresh and clean. Preferably I use this in the evening as that’s when I need to remove my days worth of makeup. This is perfect for everyday and gentle for all skin types. Superb ingredients of anti-inflammatory castor oil calm and soothe the skin, enzymatic papaya exfoliates, while vitamin C – an antioxidant will leave your skin smooth, brighter and softer. Rose Geranium essential oil balances and tones the skin leaving it glowing and refreshed, my kinda treat!

How To Use: 

Massage onto dry face. If wearing waterproof makeup remove first, then cleanse with Rose Geranium cleanser. Rinse with warm water or washcloth. 

 Salt Scrub – Grapefruit – Mint $12
My first time using this salt scrub, and wow was it intense! This coarse textured body scrub has a fresh scent yet very cooling. It’s packed with Dead Sea salts, Epsom Salts and Grapeseed oil, to exfoliate and moisturize, and let me tell you my skin felt smooth and soft post shower treatment.  

How To Use:

Best used in the bath while body is wet, avoiding face, neck and chest. Start from the feet working up to help with circulation and lymphatic treatment. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Follow with a nourishing body oil. 

  Detox Bath Salts $15

I seldom treat myself to a soothing bath, but when I do I love a good detox. Detox bath salts contain Pink Himalayan salts, rich in over 80 minerals that stimulate circulation and remove toxins from the body. Combined with Dead Sea salts and essentials oils of Pink Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, and Fennel. A powerful combination of ingredients, that I truly enjoyed. This has become a favourite ritual when I need to have some “me” time.  

How To Use:

Add 1/4 cup to warm bath and soak.

Crawford Street creates such beautifully curated products, and I sincerely recommend them to anyone that loves natural based products without the glamorous price tag. If you’re interested in purchasing a few products to try click here and here to shop and follow me on Instagram for more natural beauty. 





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