Batty’s Bath Redness Relief Vitamin C Gel & Dahlia Lipgloss Review

 Hello lovelies, I love beauty! Simple as that. So many products and brands out there to choose from makes it truly difficult to decide on just one – call me a product junkie. Though lately I’ve been really keen on some great Canadian brands, and this one from London, Ontario is definitely one to share. 

Batty’s Bath is a small botanical skincare and soap company created by Jamie – nicknamed “Batty”. With her team they create handmade and small batch concoctions in her two-room laboratory using planet-friendly, people-friendly, animal-friendly ingredients and fresh herbs grown directly from her garden. Having dealt with an acne problem and self-esteem issues, aswell as bullying, Batty treated her life-long struggle with hand-crafted botanicals and an internal wellness plan. Batty now spends her days making beautiful soaps and botanical delights. While her work is light, bubbly and fun, there’s a bigger message she wants to deliver:

“You are not a victim … of anything. You never were.  And never will be. You are a strong, courageous,capable human being. You are beautiful, brave, and the BEST kind of Batty.”

Batty created products that help with treating acne, rosacea, eczema and more. I had the opportunity to review their gentle Redness Relief Gel and Natural Lipgloss in Dahlia. Keep reading as I share the deets on these two natural beauty products and my thoughts.

 Redness Relief Vitamin C Gel $22 

This little jar – 2oz to be exact, packs a powerful punch! A little goes along way with this all natural gel and mask – you can use it either way. Three top notch ingredients that correct the past, present and future of your skin? I had to put this baby to the test. This non-scented gel contains a blooming trifecta of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Carrot seed oil. It’s supposed to help treat sun damage and dark spots from years basking in the sun. It also contains the goodness of Aloe Vera – known for its abilities to hydrate, soothe and calm irritated skin. I first tried the redness relief gel under my serum and moisturizer during the day, but to be honest I preferred it more as a night treatment or as a mask. I don’t like layering too many products on my skin in the daytime if I’m wearing makeup. Upon application, my skin immediately felt smoother and softer. In the few weeks of using the gel, past acne marks have faded. I’m hoping with continuous use it will help repair the pigmentation on my cheeks. 



Organic Aloe

Organic Palmarosa Oil

Organic Carrot Seed Oil

Vitamin C 

Vitamin E (gluten free)

Alkyl Acrylate

Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

How to use: 

As part of your skincare routine: 

Apply a thin layer under your usual serum and moisturizer for the first week and then every 3-4 days. 

As a mask:

Apply a thick layer of gel over clean face and leave on for 30 mins to 1 hour. Peel off and rinse with warm water. Suggested to use every 3-4 days for best results. 

 Natural Lipgloss – Dahlia $29

This 100% natural and super nourishing lipgloss hydrates the lips without leaving a sticky finish but leaving a subtle stain. Made with organic ingredients including Sunflower and Jojoba oil – these are both helpful in nourishing and hydrating chapped lips. Also formulated with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter will have your lips pout ready for the summer days. A touch of cinnamon-gives you a natural lip-plumping action..just what I like. Dahlia, my fave shade of the bunch gives a more “just-bitten” look when dabbed. If you apply another coat with the doe foot applicator, it will give you a more daring and dramatic look. Definitely not sticky on my lips, Dahlia stayed on but it needed a few applications throughout the day..maybe my lips were dry or drinking too many lattes perhaps. I did love the texture and it had no after taste, but a bit of vanilla would make it more appealing to those that would like a bit of flavour to their gloss. 



Organic Castor Oil

Aloe Vera Extract

Organic Beeswax

Organic Cocoa Butter

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

Carnuba Wax

Organic Shea Butter

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

Coconut Oil

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline (plant-derived amino acid)

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Golden Seal Root Extract

Oregano Leaf Extract

Thyme Extract

Lavender Extract

Lemon Peel Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Vitamin E (gluten free)

Illipe Butter



Natural Iron Oxide

Curious to see more of Batty’s Bath products? I would recommend you peruse their online shop and see the wonderful handmade products that are carried, and hopefully you will fall for a product or two!

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