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This world is truly a beautiful place. But what makes the world a more beautiful place is a company from Toronto, Canada that creates simple, family-friendly and non-toxic beauty products. World – is a professional hair and skincare line that creates products using only healthy ingredients and without comprising the environment. 

World’s founder and celebrity hairstylist Brian Phillips developed dermatitis on his hands back in 1993. A treatment with steroidal creams only made the condition worse. Just by luck a client who came in for an appointment was also studying to be a naturopath, commented on Brian’s hands – it was definitely something he was using that was causing the dermatitis. In order for the condition to improve, Brian would have to start the process of elimination. Finally realizing that the perm solution and gels were the culprit of his condition, he omitted those products immediately and the dermatitis eventually cleared up. In 1999 Brian began his research and development in creating a non-toxic line that was safe for everyone to use and in 2001 World was born.

“We live in a time where people think very carefully about the food they put in their mouths. It is time that we become mindful of the products we put on our hair and on our skin, as they end up in our bodies.” – Brian Phillips

I had the gracious opportunity to review Ocean sea salt spray and Clean multipurpose cleanser. What I loved about World products was the simplicity of the packaging and that it was family-friendly. 

 Ocean Texturizing Salt Spray $56 – an all natural salt spray that adds volume, texture and softness. This therapeutic mist contains Dead Sea Salt’s and hydrosols of Lavender and Rosemary. The synergistic combination of ingredients and minerals adds strength to hair and holds your style, while reducing product buildup and sebum production. You can mist the ocean spray on damp or dry hair. I absolutely loved this non-drying formula! The simplicity of the product really did wonders to my hair – creating volume and shine! I love to use it before I dry my hair for more ” va-va-voom ”  or for more of a beachy look when styling with a curling wand. 

 Clean Hair & Skin Cleanser $29 – a multi-purpose wash for hair and skin that is suitable for men, women and children and all ages and hair types. Vitamins A through E, Cucumber Extract and Ivy Root moisturize and fortify hair, while Burdock Extract and Calendula enhances shine and gives hair and skin a soft and supple feel. My experience with this product was amazing. I loved that I can quickly wash my hair and body with just one product! Super gentle and non-drying, my hair was left voluminous and my skin felt soothed and hydrated. This cleanser can also be used for shaving legs, removing makeup and cleaning your makeup brushes…what? This is totally coming on vacation with me. 

What’s World All About?

• WORLD is distinctive – clean, multipurpose products promote simplicity, beauty and health.

• WORLD is luxurious – uses the highest quality of natural ingredients that’s makes skin and hair feel clean, moist and supple.

• WORLD is clean – contains no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, fragrance and no colour. Palm oil free, gluten free and biodegradable.

• WORLD is gentle – can be used on the whole family, including babies.

• WORLD is multi-use – can be used on both skin and hair and also for purposes like shaving and makeup removal.

• WORLD is fragrance-free – contains no added fragrance in products, but you have the option of adding one of World’s blends of organic essential oil to products. 

• WORLD is clutter free – reduces the amount of products an individual needs with their multipurpose uses, thereby reducing the number of non-degradable plastic bottles on your counter and landfills.

• WORLD is uncompromising – the packaging is reusable and/or recyclable. World is focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living and enhancing beauty. 

So if you’re looking for a line that the whole family can use, then give the World line a whirl and do something good for our planet. If you’re in Toronto visit worldSALON where they offer their products and “cutting edge” style.

xo beauties!




One thought on “World Hair & Skincare 

  1. Thanks for your informative piece on worldSALON and WORLDHairSkin! The salon is the only one in Canada to use solar panels to heat water, and WORLD is made with love and respect for our bodies and the earth! Love your blog!


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