Glow – My One Day Cleansing Diary 


Hello lovelies, If you’ve ever tried a cleanse or this is your first time, I wanted to share with you my one day cleansing journey with Glow cleanse. I have never tried a cleanse or detox before, but had heard pros and cons about them. Some had great experiences and some not so great, so I wanted to experience it on my own. I’m an avid gym goer but I really wanted to give my body a kick start in boosting my energy level and help with limiting my crazy sugar cravings. I mostly eat pretty healthy as my diet consists of low sodium for health reasons anyways. I thought this would be the perfect antidote in providing me with the benefits that come with a cleanse – more energy, luminous skin, strengthened immune system and better sleep to name a few. 

I found Glow – from Montreal, Canada on a whim and researched what this company had to offer newbies like me. Tiffany Cattouf set me up with their beginners cleanse called Bronze. Developed with a naturopath and raw-vegan chef all these delicious smoothies would replace my food with fiber, protein, veggies, fruit and super-foods that I’m sure I don’t consume in one day. The day before my cleanse started I prepped my body by keeping my diet pretty light. I had healthy carbs with veggies, and lots of tea and water. I was super excited and kind of nervous to begin my cleanse as I didn’t know what to expect, but I was looking forward to seeing some sort of beneficial results. 

The six smoothies I consumed in a day were made with natural fruits, vegetables and super-foods as mentioned. They were so delicious that I didn’t even feel hungry. The way Glow plans the day for you really cuts those cravings and I felt energetic all day. In the bronze cleanse it consists of 6 delicious smoothies with two of them being green. The digestion of solid foods mobilizes a large part of your energy. With smoothies, your body absorbs vitamins, minerals and plant-based enzymes with less effort, as they are in liquid form. This gives your organism a break so it can focus on replenishing your body. 

In the morning, on my way to the gym I drank the Elixer Malachite which is a great boost for the digestive tract. This green juice has all the beneficial minerals and vitamins to start the day. I savoured every smoothie in the numbered sequence – Gold Dose, Rainbow Joy, Dream Infusion, Cure Jade and a chocolate lovers dream Concoction Cacao as my last late-night snack. During my cleanse, I drank lots of water in between and waited at least an hour before I consumed another smoothie. I also added a boost to all my smoothies – Ginger Boost – which is a great immunity builder, anti-inflammatory and  aids in reducing bloating. In the evening I had a couple of cups of the Herbal Elimination Tea. The carefully selected ingredients provide a draining and detoxifying effect. It helps with the body to better eliminate toxins and other waste from your organism. The light and delicious berry aroma was the perfect end to my cleanse. I am still drinking the elimination tea for an entire week which has helped tremendously with less bloating and a calming digestive effect. 


The day after my cleanse I ate very light as I wasn’t too hungry. I did feel a bit of a headache coming, but that could have been from eliminating the caffeine. The next few days post cleanse I felt more energetic and my skin appeared much brighter. I would definitely recommend a detox cleanse to anyone that wants to drop a couple of pounds or for a seasonal boost. Make sure you do your research for what’s the best one for you. I’m happy to admit that I really enjoyed my cleansing experience and I would definitely do it again.


+ improved physical and mental well-being, 

+ increased energy level, 

+ reduction of cravings,

+ better quality of sleep,

+ luminous skin,

+ strengthened immune system


+ At the start of each season,

+ Before/after occasions that can lead to food over-indulgence ( vacations, holiday season),

+ After a period of stress,

+ When you feel you have less energy than usual,

+ When you need to fill up on vitality!

*not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

If you’re interested in trying out a cleanse for yourself, try Glow! I’m offering a discount code to use at checkout. paulakhanbeauty will save you 30% off until March 31st 2016 for Ontario & Quebec residents. Click here to shop and follow me on Instagram for more natural beauty.



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