Aiona Alive – 100% Natural Skincare from Canada

Hello beauties! I’m so excited to share with you a revolutionary skincare line that will do wonders for your skin. Aiona Alive – Aiona which translates to “eternal” really brings skincare to a new level. With their all natural ingredients, Aiona Alive uses a live and pure form of collagen as opposed to using common hydrolyzed collagen. Using a live form of collagen works synergistically with Aiona Alives’ active ingredients in their skincare.

I had the opportunity to try and review this beautiful line from Canada, created by Lisa Strong. Lisa has been a professional film and television makeup artist for 18 years. Passionate for makeup and skincare, Lisa knew the damaging effects that heavy make-up full of toxins and irritants can do to the skin. Lisa wanted to create a skincare line that would hydrate and protect the skin before the makeup went on, and also treat the skin when the makeup came off. With a few years of trial and error, Lisa finally created the four perfect premium products that would work beautifully together. Loved by many celebrities, this skincare line is growing in popularity and being featured in many famous magazines like Vogue UK.

 I’ve had many opportunities of trying different skincare products, but I loved Aiona Alive as it was a light and water-based skincare line as opposed to most of the beauty oils I’ve been reviewing lately – but I still do love my oils! This brand reminded me of Clarins and Biotherm, which I used in the past before I began my green beauty journey. 

This simple skincare regimen is meant to provide a “hydrating mask” effect to keep skin protected and hydrated all day. The four steps were easy to use and labeled in sequence for easy application. I use them more during the day and on alternating nights, as I still like to add a hydrating oil for an added glow! So keep reading as I talk about the products’ benefits and in what steps I used them, for the best results. 

 e-citrus cleanser – exfoliates the skin and contains beneficial plant extracts. Usnea tincture is an anti-bacterial and Yellow Dock aids in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. Helichrysum aids in healing and reducing scars. Results: I love this light-weight gel cleanser! It deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates, leaving my skin brighter and smoother. It keeps my breakouts in check, and it’s perfect for everyday. The scent is very uplifting yet calming – light and citrusy fresh!


Step 1

moisture HA serum – contains hyaluronic acid – which keeps the skin plump and smooth due to its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. HA supports the formation and maintenance of collagen. Elderflower extract – a powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals before cellular damage occurs. Results: This lovely and silky serum absorbed quickly and felt soothing and soft on my skin. I tapped some under my eye area to plump up my fine lines – perfect for an all-over plumping effect! My face looked smoother and my skin felt super hydrated. Tip: Make sure when applying the HA serum you don’t let it fully absorb as the next step is very important.


Step 2  

e-ternal mask – all skin types – this is pure gold! It contains live collagen derived specifically for the face. Red clover tincture promotes healing for numerous skin conditions. Neroli tunisia oil nourishes the skin with flavonoids and protects from water loss. Results: I loved the way my skin felt after applying. It felt firm and very hydrated with a subtle “dewy” glow – like I just had a facial! This is great for any skin type, but if you suffer from breakouts try the e-ternal mask for acne skin. Tip: allow the collagen mask to penetrate (about 5 mins) before you apply the final step – moisturizer. *Keep e-ternal mask in fridge to keep live ingredients active. 


Step 3

e-sensual moisturizer – contains both hyaluronic and live gold collagen. Borage oil restores moisture and aids in smoothing skin texture. Rose otto bulgaria oil soothes, softens, hydrates and tones the skin. Results: This is the icing on top of the cake! I loved the way this moisturizer went on my skin, leaving it soft, supple and glowing with no greasy finish. It offered enough hydration and my makeup applied beautifully on top. Tip: I haven’t tried Sappho products, but with this skincare regimen Lisa loves pairing their blushes and foundations as the results are beautiful.    



All ingredients used in Aiona Alive are guaranteed to be 100% natural and are formulated to work synergistically to produce optimum results. The e-ternal gold collagen mask for all skin and acne skin types and the e-lixir silver collagen mask for the body contain “live” collagen.

Final Thoughts

Aiona Alive is truly a beautiful line. Since using this simple skincare regimen, my skin reflects the changes  – refreshed, hydrated and glowy. Aiona Alive even scores a 0-1 on Think Dirty. So if you’re looking to achieve more youthful and brighter skin, click here to shop and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more natural beauty!




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