Hubalou Hair Wrap

Hello lovelies, if you’ve been on the search for the perfect hair wrap to quicken your drying time, prevent hair breakage and frizz…calling all curly hair girls! Read along as I share one innovative product from a brand called Hubalou. 

Perfect for all hair types, Hubalou is a soft and gentle fabric made from 100% Rayon from Bamboo – a more sustainable and lightweight material. This absorbent wrap works like “velcro” to draw out excess moisture from hair. It works beautifully for curly do’s, perfect for thinning hair to give volume, prevents breakage and great for thick hair, as it lessens the drying time. Lots of gimmicky microfiber towels are made with synthetic materials, that can actually damage hair, where as the hubalou is a smooth surface towel for a more gentle hair drying experience. 

Hubalou Story

Hubalou was an idea created by Sarah Masciana – a mom of three beautiful children and a busy everyday life, which I can attest to that. While visiting the salon, her stylist noticed a natural wave in her hair and wanted to emphasize on her natural curls. Offering Sarah one of his tricks of wrapping a t-shirt on her head instead of microfiber or terry cloth towels, would help absorb the excess moisture and give her curls a more polished look. Sarah wanted to be able to replicate her salon experience at home, as having curly hair can be a challenge to style. She loved the idea, but wanted a better looking hair wrap, something more pretty, functional and versatile. Researching and shopping around led Sarah to one material that made a difference to her hair -Bamboo. Having her family try her invention, and loving it, Sarah ordered more material, which was not the original one she tried, but the first order was a “mistake” which turned out to be the happiest accident.! 

My Experience

I always dried my hair with towels in the past as they were just easier to use when coming out of the shower. I noticed as my hair grew longer, drying time took forever and it was more frizzy looking. I ordered the Hubalou in their latest color – Amethyst Tie Dye, in anticipation of beautiful, healthy looking hair. Using my new Hubalou for the first time was very simple. I easily wrapped it around as I would a towel after washing my hair. I left the Hubalou on my head while applying my makeup. After 10 mins, I took off the wrap and smoothed it over my ends for extra moisture-wicking. Drying time and a quick brush blow out took approx 15 minutes which cut my time quite a bit – about 1/3 to be exact. My hair looked noticeably smoother and frizz!

Overall, this is quite an easy product to use, and I’m glad I have it in my life. I’ve noticed healthier strands and more volume in my hair. This is a natural beauty’s best friend! Maintaining your wrap is so easy to do – hang to dry, and wash when you need to, using a gentle cleansing routine. You can also use your wrap with hair treatments or sleep with that!

Benefits Of The Hubalou Wrap

• Its smooth surface doesn’t grab onto delicate, individual hair as terrycloth does. End result: The Hubalou Wrap leaves hair as untouched as possible, allowing for less pulling and breakage—and it helps keep curls together.

• Made of sustainable, ultra-absorbent bamboo, the Hubalou Wrap removes just the right amount of moisture, ensuring you don’t end up with an over-dry top layer.

• The Hubalou Wrap is ultra-lightweight. Result: It has an increased ability to prevent breakage because it doesn’t pull on delicate hair. It’s so lightweight, it also stays on your head better—unlike bulky towels.

How To Use Your Hubalou

There are various ways of wearing your Hubalou, here’s a couple of my favourites:

For drying hair – position Hubalou label at the nape of neck. Bend forward so hair falls into wrap and twist fabric a couple of times. Lift head up and tuck wrap under..simple!

For sleeping with – position Hubalou label on forehead and let wrap hang at the back of the head. Grab both corners and criss cross. Bring them up to the top of the head & tie ends together…voila! 


Through their Hubalou Mission 10%+ initiative, Hubalou aims to give at least 10% back of their profits to organizations that help support basic human needs. 

Interested in purchasing a Hubalou for yourself and supporting a great mission? Click Here to shop, & follow me on Instagram for more natural beauty tips and products. 




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