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Hello beauties!! If you love face mask pampering, then you’ll be excited to know that facial masks are extremely popular these days, especially in the green beauty industry. I want to confess to you that I’m a total mask addict! I love masking..actually a little too much sometimes..and the results I achieve are so fabulous that you may become a confessed mask addict aswell. I currently love my little mask collection I’ve adopted, from hydrating to detoxifying, with each mask targeting different concerns. So I wanted to review a new baby I’ve added to my collection, from a small batch company in Brooklyn…and this is definitely one hidden gem that I need to share.

Honey Rose Face Mask…Why I love it..

One of my favourites at the moment, the Honey Rose Face Mask is deliciously nourishing and hydrating. It exfoliates, stimulates, calms & hydrates…sounds enticing doesn’t it? Well it totally is!

When I first applied the mask, it was very sticky and gritty, as it does contain honey and rosebuds which I didn’t mind at all. I actually loved the feeling of it. I brushed a generous amount on my face, avoiding the eye area. I felt the active ingredients of lemon balm leaf and lavender flowers doing their thing immediately..a subtle tingle which felt super stimulating. I left the mask on for 3o minutes and then rinsed off with warm water and a wash cloth. Immediately my skin looked brighter, smoother and radiant. This mask is great for cellular renewal and helping with pores and discoloration…right up my alley..love it!

Quick Tip: Apply mask at night after cleansing and use bi-weekly as ingredients are quite active.


Unrefined Honey, Royal Jelly, Rosebuds, Lavender Flowers & Lemon Balm Leaf.

Honey Rose Mask

Samples I also tried & enjoyed..

Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover
This gentle cleanser removes makeup..even waterproof!! Super hydrating and leaves my skin soft and smooth after my cleansing routine. 


Squalane Olive Oil

Face Food Moisturizer
This ultra moisturizing face treatment is very calming and soothing to the skin..I love to use it at night when my skin feels dehydrated. All skin types can use this natural blend of nourishing oils.


Olive oil, gotu kola, elderflower, calendula, rose, grapeseed oil

Eye Serum
This ultra gentle eye serum is so soothing and absorbs nicely into my eye area. Absolutely hypo-allergenic, this natural blend of oils leaves my sensitive eye area soothed and brightened..love it!


Squalane, Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Helichrysum Essential Oil

Final thoughts.. 

I absolutely adore this skincare line, so simple yet my skin really loved it! The great thing about using natural products is you can use them with other brands, and it’s totally fine..I’ve been using Leaf Stem with my current skincare and my results are beautiful glowing skin! This small skincare company is a brand to try..you will be very pleased I’m sure of that! 


About Leaf Stem Naturals

Leaf Stem Naturals is from Brooklyn New York, actually Dumbo New York to be exact. This small batch company created by a master herbalist handcrafts skincare that uses the finest natural ingredients like 100% raw, pure, organic and ethically sourced ingredients with no animal products, synthetic or preservatives. Leaf Stem is also Gluten Free..for those who have intolerance.

“We are creating a consciousness about certain resources + products that we use in our product line. We hope to be able to share this information with mainstream society with a more wholesome consciousness.” -Leaf Stem

Leaf Stem takeaways

• All natural 

• Cruelty Free

• Gluten Free

• Preservative Free

• Hand Crafted

Curious about this conciously curated company? Click Here to shop and follow me on Instagram for more beauty tips and loves!





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