Nuvalash vs Lashfood- Who’s the Winner? 


Have you dreamt of longer lashes? 

Are you  looking for a more natural lash serum that will offer you amazing results the healthier way? 

Then look no further as I had the opportunity to test out two lash serums and share my winning results! Read along, as at the end of my review, I will have an offer code that you can use to purchase a lovely tube of Nuvalash.

So as mentioned above, I had the opportunity to test out two “green” lash enhancing serums for eight weeks. Before I ventured out on the search of lash growth treatments, I have to tell you that I was wearing eyelash extensions. I thought they were the not harmful to my lashes and I wouldn’t need to use mascara…simple right? Not quite…little did I know that it would cause damage to my lashes after the extensions fell out. I was left with gaps and brittleness, even mascara wouldn’t apply properly…I was a bit shocked if you wonder. So I began my search for a more natural lash enhancer, and found two lash serums that looked pretty promising. 

Let me  start off by also mentioning that Lashfood had a head start. I was already using it for about two weeks before I was contacted by Nuvalash to try out their lash enhancing treatment. This is solely my own review and I was not paid by neither company to advertise their product.

The Lash Challenge..

I continuously applied Nuvalash on the right eye and Lashfood on the left everyday for 8 weeks. I want to just quickly explain the benefits of each product and what results they claim to offer before I give you my opinion to which one gave me the best results.


Is an all natural lash enhancing serum with plant based ingredients to nourish and hydrate lashes, helping with growth. The first Ecocert product on the market, it claims to give you longer, thicker stronger lashes in just 4 weeks! The only downfall about this product is that it contains butylene glycol, which is a small organic alcohol used as a solvent and conditioning agent. This preservative can cause irritation to the eye area and should be avoided if you are on the search for a more cleaner eyelash serum. It was recommended to be applied on lash line in the evening only. The clear liquid serum absorbed easily with the small liquid liner applicator. After 8 weeks of use my lashes appeared healthier and stronger, but I still had gaps and not much difference in length.



is a non-toxic eyelash enhancing serum, that has made a breakthrough in the green beauty industry. The first of its kind to be free of all the nasties you would find in any lash enhancing serums on the market today. What I loved about this lash serum is that it contains all natural plant based ingredients that nourish, hydrate and help grow your lashes. ThinkDirty app even gives it a big FAT ZERO on cleanliness. I applied nuvalash, a creamy white  serum that comes in a tube with brush applicator, to lash line, in the evening. After 8 weeks of nightly use my lashes appeared thicker ,stronger and no visible gaps. Length was the last result I saw, but with continued use, I’m hoping to see that differ.   

My Results:



In Photo – left eye – Lashfood – right eye – Nuvalash
Though I had no issues using both lash serums, I felt that Nuvalash gave me thicker and healthier lashes pretty quickly. In length, it will take some time, but again every individual is different. I love that this serum did not sting my eyes, was very easy to use and could also be used on eyebrows. I must say it was a close race, but Nuvalash is definitely the winner…What do you think? 

Have you tried Nuvalash or Lashfood?
What are your thoughts?

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xo, Paula 


2 thoughts on “Nuvalash vs Lashfood- Who’s the Winner? 

    1. Hi!!
      I no longer wear eyelash extensions. Yes! you can use these lash serums with extensions, but I prefer to just let your natural lashes grow long & full. Best part about Nuvalash is that you can also use it on your brows!! GoodLuck!!


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