Five Tips to a Flawless Face



without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect.

Hello beauties, 

Since switching my skincare routine to more of a natural one, my skin feels better & looks better. I do still get those odd pesky breakouts & there’s so many factors to blame for that – hormones, age, skincare routine & using makeup tools that are not washed properly….I can attest to that! So I wanted to share with you my tips to beautiful blemish free skin…well let’s say more like Flawless! 

Tip # 1 

Cleanse your face regularly

Using a facial cleanser not only removes makeup & impurities, but keeps your skin blemish free. A facial cleanser is a great way to remove trapped debris & pollutants in your pores while leaving your skin clean & balanced. Natural beauty products tend to be more gentle, so I recommend cleansing morning & night for best results. I love Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap & Indie Lee Brightening Facial Cleanser

Tip # 2

Use a face mask 1-2 times per week

I love face masks! Their the perfect treatment to target your skins concern, like blemishes, dry skin, or dullness. I usually mask 1-2 times per week, after cleansing & my skin has improved dramatically in clarity & appearance. Using a facial mask will help with problamatic areas & leaves your skin refreshed & glowing. Favourites of mine are 100 Percent Pure Detox Mask & May Lindstrom The Honey Mud

Tip #3 

Use a toner

Using a gentle hydrating toner is the perfect way to calm & hydrate your skin. It balances skins pH & tightens pores. I find since I started using a toner again my skin looks fresher & healthier, with less breakouts. Most natural & gentle toners can also target breakouts & set makeup. My fan favourites are Province Apothecary Invigorating & Balancing Toner & Harlow Flora Face Potion

Tip #4

Banish those blemishes

When I feel a nasty pimple making its way on my skin, I can’t stand it! Those pesky hormonal breakouts come around from time to time & I’m not very happy. But when they do, I dab a blemish treatment & those suckers are gone. I even apply some on my nose to combat blackheads. My current favourite is Clear Skin from Province Apothecary

Tip # 5

Wash your brushes regularly

I know most of you out there don’t wash your brushes regularly, probably never. Being a makeup artist I’ve seen my share of nasty bacteria infused brushes & that’s one reason why your skin could be continuously breaking out. I wash my brushes 1-2 times per week to remove trapped debris & oils. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the application of my makeup & it’s a great way to keep them looking brand spankin new. I love to wash my brushes with Prism Brush Bar Brush Cleanser

So what are your tips to keeping your skin flawless? Share your tips with me!

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