Henné Organics Luxury LipBalm


If you’re addicted to lipbalm..I myself have managed to downsize to two good ones, you’ll be intrigued by Henné Organics Luxury Lipbalm. 

I would always reach for Chapstick or whatever was the cheapest, not realizing I’m ingesting toxic ingredients. So when I heard all the buzz about an all natural and 100% organic lipbalm, I of course had to try myself. 

Henné Organics lipbalm is pure luxury, and the packaging is absolutely luxurious yet so simple. Made with the purest organic ingredients, and jam packed in a gorgeous violet Miron glass jar, to keep ingredients fresh in case your wondering. I like to keep it on my nightstand and make it my nightly ritual of applying it on my lips to keep them moist and plump. I’m tempted to throw it in my purse and flaunt it when I need an application, but knowing myself I would probably lose it..so on my nightstand it stays. 

About the founder..

Laura Xiao, founder and CEO created Henné Organics lipbalm from her inspirations of travelling. Laura has been to so many beautiful places around the world, and Sweden was one of the special places where she met her husband. Laura actually owns her own tech company, but wanted to venture in creating her first product which was inspired by her path of life. Laura wanted her product to give a little bit of bliss and luxury that you can experience in your everyday life. 

What makes Henné Organics lipbalm so good? It contains seven beneficial ingredients from nature in one little jar of goodness that can be used on all dry areas of your skin. 


There’s so many health benefits in coconut oil and it’s truly endless. This ultra-hydrating oil repairs and softens, and maintains moisture content in lips. This incredible antioxidant is also great for healing various skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin irritations. 


Helps to relieve dry itchy skin, and keeps lips plump, increases collagen production and prevents aging. 


Super food for the skin, it comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree. Commonly used in countries like Africa, Shea butter is deeply moisturizing and rich in Vitamins A, E and F. It also provides UV protection and protects the lips.


Cocoa butter not only smells amazing but is an amazing natural moisturizer. This wonderful ingredient not only softens the lips but it’s antioxidants are beneficial in reducing stretchmarks, scars and burns.


Beeswax is a great natural alternative to petroleum based chemicals often used in many lipbalms. It contains anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated lips and the Vitamin A in beeswax provides long-term moisture in the skin. 


Jojoba oil has become the most popularly and widely used organic ingredient in beauty products. Containing natural antibacterial qualities, jojoba oil reduces skin bacteria by unblocking pores. The oil also has a high quantity of ceramides which handles skin cells and maintains skin hydration.


There are so many benefits of Vitamin E that I’ve lost count. Vitamin E oil is effective in healing dry chapped lips. It not only protects from sun damage but can help heal minor burns. It also helps prolong the shelf life of the product. 

Why I love this lipbalm..


super soft lips ~ 💜
By the first application my lips felt super soft and nourished. My minimal cracks healed within hours. This lipbalm has true healing powers and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a natural lip treatment with natural results.

Tempted to try for yourself?

You can purchase at Henné Organics and if in Canada at Blossom Lounge


Paula 💜



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