Hello beauties,

If you’re a coconut lover like myself then you’ll want to learn about a little haircare company that I found, and it’s from my city of Toronto Canada. I love supporting my local small businesses, and couldn’t wait to try out this amazing collection and to share my experience with you.

I should’ve been born on a tropical island because I’m crazy for coconuts! I love it in my haircare, skincare and I even love to drink it! Coconut oil is such a growing trend that it’s in so many natural products on the market right now. I don’t know about you but I get goose bumps when I smell it in my cosmetic products. The tropical scent takes me back to my Honeymoon in St.Lucia…Ahh memories! 

So let’s talk about Niucoco..

Niucoco (NIU means coconut in aboriginal Hawaiian) and Niucoco’s conscious haircare collection was developed with beauty and nature. Trying to re-connect with his father, James the creator of Niucoco ventured on a path of re-discovery and met a man who would be the key supplier to their magical formula of…yes coconut oil. With passion and dedication and lots of hours of perfecting the quality and sustainability of their product to making sure that the scent was perfect..Niucoco was born. 

Created with all natural cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil, which is an essential in maintaining healthy locks and a natural source of vitamin E, I couldn’t wait to experience the beachy scent of Niucoco’s products. Coconut oil is one of Earth’s greatest gifts, and it’s so beneficial for you and your body. So..I was never more excited to try this natural hair care deliciousness in the shower..


Hydrating Shampoo~made with cold pressed extra virgin coconut oiland a natural source of vitamin E, cleanses hair without stripping your hair’s natural oils. Hair is left shiny, soft and beautiful
Smoothing Conditioner~contains orchid, watermelon, greentea, and rosemary leaf extracts that lock in moisture, leaving your hair soft and manageable

Renewing Hair Serum~nourishing ingredients add shine and improves manageability of your hair
My experience..  

I used the three piece collection in the recommended sequence, Hydrating Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and the Renewing Hair Serum. I can’t even explain how amazing and luxurious my hair felt and looked after I used all three products…I wish you can touch & feel the softness. My hair felt like a horses mane, and was so easy to brush. I applied the renewing serum which is recommended to use after you have heat styled your hair..but..I also tried adding a few drops in my damp hair and my hair absolutely loved it! 

Hair after using Niucoco…I wish you could touch it!!

My results… 

After using Niucoco for about a week, I can see the shine and healthiness in my hair. I’m so due for a root touch up..and you know that feeling of limp and lifeless locks, but I didn’t even notice as my hair looked so voluminous and shiny! I can even go a day without shampooing as there’s no build up…and that never happens…like never! I’m in love..❤️

Niucoco is made without:




Artificial Ingredients

No harsh detergents

It’s also 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free..yup no bunnies harmed! 

Think Dirty App rates it a 0-3!! 

What’s not to love about this planet friendly product?

Niucoco donates a portion of their proceeds directly to various entities which supports child welfare, single-parent households and animal rights.

 Interested in experiencing Niucoco for yourself? Click Here to shop and any comments or questions please share & don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

xo, Paula 💜 


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