Sudsatorium ~ Love For Local Beauty 

Are you a sucker for cute packaging with witty names? One of my favourite bath & body brands locally made in Toronto is the latest trend in my bathroom. Sudsatorium is a must-have brand that creates locally fresh products with natural ingredients and I’m jumping with excitement to share this niche brand with you. Oh!..and did I mention that their vegan, organic, fair-trade and cruelty free..uh huh honey..

 I met John the brains behind Sudsatoriam at the Toronto leslieville flea market. His charismatic personality & passion for his brand really had me swooning all over the gorgeous selection of products. Soaps were what the brand began creating before expanding their collection. His background in organic chemistry helped him formulate solid products without chemicals like parabens.

 John’s inspirations came from tea shops where unusual blends of ingredients were combined..that’s what inspired him to create the unique products in his collection.

Cute packaging and quirky titles like “Hawaii Five Oh!” Conditioner, “Scentsless” Shampoo & “Bosom’s Buddy” Body Lotion are just a few of the eye-catching names. How cute and funky is that?…totally rad! 

The reason for their catchy titles is that boring ones are not really memorable & if you forget the product, at least you will remember the name…I second that! Sudsatorium carries perfect treat yourself products that also benefit John’s favourite charity – Grassroots which 5% of proceeds are donated around the world. 

Now that I have you swooning over this brand, let me share with you some of my favourites.


strawberry fields forever

Unbelievable strawberry and vanilla shampoo for dander-free tresses. Cleanses hair with active enzymes & detoxifies scalp, leaving your hair shiny & voluminous. Smells like strawberry milkshake with a dash of sage & sea salt


ring around the rosey

Skin calming infusion of roses, marigold, chamomile & honeysuckle. Hydrating shower gel for all skin types including dry & sensitive skin. This beautiful rose scented wash, gently cleanses your body leaving your skin hydrated & soft. The gorgeous scent will have you dreaming of laying in a flower garden like Alice in Wonderland


hawaii five-oh!

Pina colada inspired coconut conditioner for curly cues & dry scalps. Love love this nourishing conditioner made with coconut milk, cocoa butter, myrrh, lime & sea salt. Delicious tropical treat for your tresses


Dirty Thirty Face & Body Soap 

I’m not 30 anymore but loving 36, & since I’ve cut out coffee this is the perfect boost to get my mind & body stimulated & refreshed. Soothing barley, cooling mint & miraculous moringa leaf do magical things for blemishes, cellulite & stretch marks

Jumbo Gumbo 

Revitalize dyed, fried & otherwise abused hair with okra & rosemary. John’s personal favourite, this shampoo nourishes with a chock-full of ingredients to repair & liven tired tresses

Shop all of Sudsatorium products  here & share your comments if you’ve tried this locally loved Candian brand.

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