Kat Burki ~ Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream


I’ve always been on the search for that perfect moisturizer that does it all!  Well for me, it’s been an on again off again relationship with most natural moisturizers on the market, as they haven’t give me the “WOW” factor!  If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while you would know that I’m all about the glow! ✨ I love a moisturizer that creates a luminous halo around the skin, but also provides me with the beneficial needs that a moisturizer should provide. I first heard about Kat Burki through a friend and I had to research what’s so amazing about this luxurious and unique skincare line. 

The Science behind the brand..

The science behind Kat Burki products is their unique Bio Processing Technology and ingredients. The natural oils used are cold-pressed and not heated over 120 degrees Fahrenheit, to preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients. Beauty and science behind Kat Burki skincare is the reason behind the success of this company. Celebrities like the gorgeous Julianne Moore and Victoria’s Secret Models are using Kat Burki. And…um who doesn’t want to look like those beauties.?
So I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got my hands on this top-selling cream to treat my much needed tired skin.

So let’s talk about the cream & my routine..


I currently cleanse my skin with Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap. It detoxifies and moisturizes. I currently don’t use a toner ~ but I spritz my face with Josh Rose Brook Hydrating Accelerator which plumps my skin and preps it for my last step ~ moisturizer. 

Having a more dry ~ combination skin, I apply Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream as a night treatment. The “whipped” texture melts right into the skin…Ahh heaven in a jar.!  You might feel like its a bit rich, but trust me when I say that it actually absorbs right in…and it leaves a subtle dewiness. The sweet yet subtle floral scent, will have you dreaming that you are in a beautiful flower garden in Paris.💜

Key Ingredients 

Vitamin C ~ calms & heals while delivering powerful benefits & protecting skin against free radical damage. Brightens skin! 

Wild Reishi Mushrooms ~ contain a high amount of polysaccharides which are responsible for the skins natural ability to hydrate & retain water. This extract also helps reduce inflammation, wrinkles & promote cell regeneration. 

Oceanic Mineral Complex ~ supports skins collagen production, strengthens & repairs.

My thoughts…

I’m pleasantly surprised every morning when I wake up and see a refreshed glow to my tired looking skin ~ Even my husband has noticed that I look brighter and more luminous. Although this moisturizer isn’t exactly a “Steal” it has definitely given me the “WOW” that I’ve been searching for. So if you’re on the hunt for natural beauty skincare with results, look no further as Kat Burki skincare may surprise you. 




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