Winter Skincare Wonders 

Hello lovelies! How’s your holiday shopping going? Loving it? Hating it? Well…I’m actually loving it! Less stressful as I’m doing most of my Christmas shopping online! If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas for that skincare loving family member, friend, or even for yourself, I have some amazing recommendations that you & your receiver will really love!! These skincare wonders are perfect for all year round, especially for this bipolar weather were having here in Canada. I can’t complain though, it’s been pretty nice! If you follow me on Instagram aswell as this blog, you’ll know that I love some beautiful skincare. There’s a few luxe skin products you will recognize that I’ve written about & some new ones. I will keep it short & simple today & link items to where you can purchase & what benefits they have for the skin. From left to right shown in photo above.

Josh Rosebrook hydrating accelerator  is a lovely hydrating facial mist that plumps, refreshes & preps skin for your moisturizer. Can be used throughout the day & to set makeup.

Kypris antioxidant dew  beautiful hydrating serum that penetrates deeply into the epidermis & quenches dehydrated and dry skin. Revives skin instantly while revealing a healthy glow. Can be used alone or with other skincare products. *blog about antioxidant dew is under beauty in menu.

Espresso balm  is a rich and all natural face balm that hydrates & rejuvenates the skin. Smells amazingly like coffee, & awakens your senses. Simple ingredients handcrafted locally in Toronto. Perfect for this weather & makes the Perfect gift for the man in your life. I love it! 

May Lindstrom the honey mud  beautiful pudding-like cleansing silk & mask is the perfect treat to detoxify the skin, hydrate & plump, thanks to all the nourishing ingredients & organic honey! Once you start using this luxurious facial treatment you will be hooked. My total must-have product! *blog about the honey mud is under beauty in menu.

Vintner’s Daughter active botanical serum  my latest indulgence! This powerful anti-aging serum, well feels more like an oil, rejuvenates skin, repairs, targets spots, & helps with cellular turnover. I’ve been using this treatment for a few days now, & have received so many compliments on how healthy & glowing my skin looks. I currently use it in the evening as the bottle contains only 30ml of precious  botanical & essential oils. This luxe bottle retails at $195 can. but if you click the link above, you can purchase serum for $39 u.s. A few drops will do wonders for your skin!

If you have any questions or comments leave them below & join me on my journey of non-toxic beauty on Instagram & Twitter.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

xoxo Paula 


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