Kypris Antioxidant Dew


Hi Lovelies!

I finally had the opportunity to pick up this “must-have” serum from the ever so lovely brand Kypris. This is solely my opinion on this delightful serum and I was not paid to review this product, so read on about my personal experience and honest opinion.

I have been reading so much buzz about this Holistic brand from other instagrammers, and where I locally shop for most, well almost all of my natural beauty products – The Detox Market Toronto. This talked about serum was a definite must-try for me, as I’m a total sucker for anything beauty.

What I love is the inspiration behind the beauty brands name, Kypris. It is based on a legend of a Greek Goddess Aphrodite who rose from the waters near the island of Cyprus, and the people were so enamoured with her, she was given the name Kypris. She loved nature, beauty, family and detoxifying baths in Paphos, and so that is how her renowned beauty has been the source of existence.

This beautiful collection comes in an array of serums and elixirs, in which I’m hoping to have the opportunity to try, but for now I’m extremely enjoying using this anti-aging serum. It comes in a decorative blue bottle with a floral design and a dropper lid to extract the right amount of product. The texture is a milky-white fluid that when applied absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft, supple, and calm. It also has a very soft scent thanks to its all natural ingredients and essential oils. If you have a gluten intolerance, which I don’t, this would work for you. Read below what’s in this luxurious and organically wild-crafted bottle of beauty. Click Here to purchase from The Detox Market.

Phospholipid encapsulated antioxidants – Combined with Ferulic Acid target and quench free radicals while select botanicals calm irritation and redness.

Sea Algae – Hydrates and plumps the skin without clogging pores or over hydrating.

Rose Extracts – Known for its soothing and toning properties for centuries, it contains two unique heirloom roses deliver calm and resilience.

Tamanu – Is one of the most active and healing plant oils that is know to repair and heal past blemishes and assist with cellular renewal.

Waltheria Indica – A botanical ingredient from the mallow family know to brighten the appearance of dull skin and calm redness.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxypoline – A  botanically derived amino acid to complement Vitamin C and support collagen.

I have been currently using the Antioxidant Dew morning and evening using 1-2 drops, spreading allover my face and décolletage. I have nothing but great things to say about this soothing and anti-aging serum. My skin looks clearer, brighter, plump, and more youthful.

Kypris is perfect for anyone who is looking for an anti-aging regimen. As the line is quite an investment, the serums and elixirs can be used alone or paired for best results. My next splurge will definitely be the Moonlight Catalyst night treatment. I’ve fallen in love with Kypris and feel like a Greek Goddess when I open this bottle of botanical beauty and it will be something I will use in my routine indefinitely.

Have you tried any Kypris products? Leave me a comment, would love to know your thoughts! Happy Friday!

*New and improved formula since Sept 2015


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