Get the Glow ✨

Hi lovelies,

If your all about the glow like me read on as I talk about two staple products in my skincare routine that I can’t live without.

I had always wanted to get a cleansing brush, but I had mixed reviews from friends about them. I would hear comments like “I broke out.” or “I’m just lazy to use it.” I for one thing am not routine lazy at all!! I love taking care of my skin, as it will thank you now & in the future. I wanted a brush that was easy-to-use and that would deeply cleanse my skin. There were many recommendations, but I chose the Clarisonic Mia 2.


I liked that you can interage the brush heads, that was a bonus, my husband can use it, would give the best results and easy to maintain. I’m currently using the brightening brush head which is super gentle and is supposed to assist with brightening sun spots…not sure if I’ve noticed a huge change with that. I also love that the Mia 2 has two speed functions and times each area of your face that you need to target (there’s a pamphlet in the box to show you what areas to target) to get the best results. The timer runs for one minute which I find sufficient enough to get an overall cleanse. This powerful sonic brush cleanses your skin 6 times more than your hands alone and helps your skincare products absorb 61% more..amazing! It’s also easy to care for and charges easily. I starting using the brush every other day and I broke out the first month like mad,  kinda freaked out, so I stopped using it until my blemishes disappeared. I continue to use it on alternate days now that my skin can tolerate it.


The Clarisonic brand carries their own skincare products, but I choose to use more natural skincare. I love using The Body Deli’s melon foaming face wash as it deeply cleanses and brightens my skin. This raw, organic, superfood cleanser removes my makeup also and has a delicious citrus scent. You can choose any cleanser your heart desires, that’s a great thing about this brush!

There are many different brands of sonic cleansing brushes out there now, so choose the one that is right for you.

*Any questions or comments leave them below..I love feedback!

Have a wonderful day lovelies!


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