Sleepless in Seattle

Hi Lovelies!

I just wanted to share with you my recent trip to beautiful Seattle with my amazing husband. He was there for a work conference and I decided to join him and also make it a more of a romantic getaway sans our son. I met my husband at the airport first as he was coming from his previous work trip from The San Francisco Bay Area. I hadn’t seen him since almost a week prior, so I felt like I was going on a blind date.


⬆️ Just arrived selfie that we sent to our little boy! We miss him already!

We arrived at our hotel, settled in and took our stroll downtown to see what there was. Seattle reminds me a lot like San Francisco, where I’ve visited before, cooler weather, hilly streets and sadly many homeless people. I felt pretty safe though as we were in the downtown tourist area and there were people always walking on the streets. On our first night we grabbed a bite to eat at this cute, niche style restaurant called The Carlisle Room. Food and drinks were great and so was the service.


⬆️ Delicious dinner & drinks at The Carlisle Room. Cheers!

The next morning hubby and I walked to The Washington State Convention Centre to set up for his work Government conference. We completed quickly and then we were off to do a little shopping…I mean a little as our Canadian dollar is very weak and it’s expensive to shop in the U.S.


⬆️ Bought this cute Aztec sweater jacket from Forever 21! Cute eh?

Over the next couple of days I assisted my husband at his work booth until we wrapped up, mostly kept him company so the days didn’t feel so long. I enjoyed spending the time getting to know more of what his work is really about..I’m not a “techie girl”.

On our last day, we took a beautiful walk to the Pike Place Market and even visited the first Starbucks! We enjoyed some delicious exotic sushi at a place called Japoness, which I highly recommend, and some dessert and drinks at the popular Cheesecake Factory!

I was kinda sad that we had to return home, but we really missed our little guy! I enjoyed my time in this cute City, and would definitely want to come back! I’m hoping the next time I do I will visit the Space Needle!



⬆️ Downtown Seattle


⬆️ Our selfie while we wait for our dinner at Japoness Sushi Bar.


⬆️ Delicious sushi dinner 🍣


⬆️ Just another selfie 😉


⬆️ In front of the first & very famous Starbucks.☕️


⬆️ Just walking around the downtown Market area.


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