100 % Percent Pure Haul


Hey Beauty lovers!!

I just wanted to share my 100% Percent Pure Haul with ya’ll…that totally rhymes lol!! I’ve known about this brand since about 2007 when a friend of mine carried it in her niche boutique. I had tried a few products at the time, but quickly moved on after I was done using them. I was at a stage where I really hadn’t found the right products that amazed me. I recently started seeing my fellow “natural beauty” bloggers post on Instagram about this vegan and cruelty free brand, and I thought I’d give it another try. The first product I bought  was the Tomato Lycopene face moisturizer. I purchased mine from The Big Carrot in Toronto. I love this cream for combination skin as it absorbs quickly, leaving a smooth finish to my skin. It’s full of antioxidants and has many anti-aging benefits. I’m almost finished this moisturizer and I haven’t noticed dramatic results, but I’m getting many compliments on how youthful my skin looks, so I’ll take that as a compliment. So last month I was on 100% Percent Pure’s website, and they were having an amazing promotion. I needed a couple of things so I purchased the Fruit Pigmented SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer and the Herbal Detox face mask (I’m a face mask lover btw). I also received with my purchase a total worth it gift for sun damaged skin. I love anything repairing, and after a hot summer this is perfect to get my skin back to looking more even and luminous. I will continue to blog more as I use these products, but in the meantime here’s a list below of what I got.

I purchased the following products:

Herbal Detox Face Mask               

Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer in White Peach

My lovely gift included these full size goodies:

Caffeine Face Masks                    

Coffee Cherry Cream                     

Dark Spot Remover Serum

Brightening Serum                    

samples and a reusable bag

I can’t wait to use all of these products!! So stay tuned as I keep you all posted on my results! Have a wonderful evening!

Ps. Leave a comment if you’ve tried any 100% Percent Pure products and what  you love! 💗


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