RMS “Un” Powder


Hey lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Sadly, I spent mine working, but still had the evenings with my family having sushi and enjoying bubble tea. Enough about me..now back to blogging about my passion for beauty products. If you’re on the hunt for that natural everyday makeup look, read my previous post on what my natural beauty staples are. On this post, I talk about a really great product that I love to use to set my makeup & also throw in my purse for those emergency touch ups!

I’m not really a “matte” makeup wearer as I don’t like the feeling or the look. I’m a dewy kinda gal and I prefer a more luminous look to my skin, a glow to be exact! I was on the search for a setting powder that would lightly set my tinted moisturizer and concealer. I didn’t want a heavy powder, I wanted it to be translucent, like I’m wearing nothing. I also wanted my search of this “magical” powder I was imagining to give my skin that celebrity glow, and wanted it to be sheer with no colour. So I visited my favourite online website and browsed a few brands, but decided to go with the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder. This natural and organic healthy makeup brand is created by makeup-artist Rose Marie Swift. Having dealt with many health issues, Rose Marie decided to create a makeup line that was free of toxic chemicals. She’s also an advocate for healthy beauty and created the website http://www.beautytruth.com that dispels beauty myths and exposes some of the dangers of personal beauty products. I had the opportunity to attend a special event to learn more about this famous makeup-artist and learn more about the brand, but unfortunately missed it as I was under the weather 😞. Though I am proud to be the owner of her top selling Living Luminizer, a gorgeous mother-of pearl highlighter that I almost use everyday. What I love about RMS “Un” Powder, is that it only contains one ingredient, silica. It’s finely milled powder comes in translucent (which I purchased) and also comes in three coloured shades called Tinted “Un” Powder. I apply the light-reflective setting powder over my face with a loose powder brush. I like to apply it this way in the morning as my skin isn’t very oily and I don’t want to look overly matte and dry. It also comes with a petite powder puff for on-the-go touch ups…so cute! I also have to mention that there’s no white residue left on my skin when I apply this setting powder, yet I’m left with flawless, poreless and luminous✨ glowing skin. My makeup lasts all day and I’m always complimented on how smooth and fresh I look.


So, if you’re on the market for a non-toxic and more natural powder, this is one that I would highly recommend.

You can purchase all RMS Beauty products on http://www.detoxmarket.ca for Canada and http://www.detoxmarket.com for the U.S.


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