Fresh Faced Natural Beauty Faves


I love makeup! I feel very pretty when I wear it and I never leave home without a bit of mascara or some lipgloss. But if do exit my driveway bare faced, I’m definitely in big Jackie O sunglasses. Being a Make-up Artist for 15 years and a bit, I’ve learned lots of tricks to enhance my features without needing a crap load of products on my face…ahem 🙊 Kim Kardashian..🙊. I love wearing just enough that I look fresh faced. If I’m attending a party or going to be in professional photos, I amp it up with false lashes and a bold lip. 💋 I love all brands of makeup and I don’t knock anything down, but being a natural beauty wearer, there are times I’m working for luxury big brand makeup companies and have to feature their products. Don’t get me wrong I love many of their products in moderation, but I prefer to use more natural skincare and makeup brands. I’ve been slowly switching to natural makeup for about a year now. My skincare has mostly been natural since I was expecting my first child in 2007. I love that I know what ingredients are in my products, and I feel comfortable with wearing them. There’s so many brands of natural products out there, but I’ve managed to choose a few staples that I mostly wear on a daily basis. As you read my future blogs, you will get to see more brands that I love using in my day to day life. So, let’s read on, on what my current staple favourites are.

PACIFICA BEAUTY Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream

I love Pacifica Beauty products as they are 100% vegan (fyi I’m not a vegan) and cruelty-free. I love tinted moisturizers and this BBream is pretty similar as it’s very sheer like a tint. Alight Multi-Mineral BB cream is very light and luminous and gives such a gorgeous glow. It doesn’t contain an SPF which I wish it did, but I’m using an SPF moisturizer, so it doesn’t matter anyways. I’ve ordered 100% pure tinted moisturizer recently (still waiting for it to arrive), and that has an SPF so super excited to share that with you!


I use this sheer setting powder to set my makeup. It contains only one ingredient, Silica. This powder makes my skin look so flawless. It smooths the skin, conceals pores, takes away shine and leaves a luminous glow. I love a glow.✨


This was a product that I didn’t see in person, I saw it online from the local Detox Market I shop at. I called and put it on hold and my husband picked it up. I was nervous to open it and use it, as it looked really dark. I’m fair to medium skin toned, but it’s wearable for most, as it’s the only shade they make. So hands down I quickly fell in love with this bronzer. It’s non-toxic mineral based ingredients calm redness, and make your skin look so flawless and bronzed. Have you seen JLO’s skin? Well that’s what you’ll get!! Love it and highly recommend. Just use a fluffier brush so it looks softer and more natural looking.

RMS BEAUTY Living Luminizer 

Have you heard of strobing? Well this can be used for that purpose. Strobing is when you apply a highlighter where you  want to enhance your features, like your cheekbones, browbone, and bridge of the nose. You want to look subtle like it’s your own natural glow coming through. This creamy mother-of-pearl highlighter is enriched with ingredients like Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Rosemary Extract. This is such a versatile product that you can really just dab it anywhere.


Mascara is one thing I try to not leave the house without. I look more awake and put together. I don’t have super puny lashes, but their not as long as they used to be. What I love about this mascara is it lasts all day. I don’t recall any flaking unless I may have had a workout and some could’ve flaked off from sweat. This nourishing mascara has a two-sided plastic brush that saturates enough colour on my lashes and gives them length, volume and separation. My lashes feel soft and fluttery just the way I like them. A must-have!

ILIA BEAUTY Lip Conditioner in “Jump” 

The name of this shade says it all! This beautiful and hydrating lip conditioner does make your lips jump. It’s high intensity magenta pink, with blue undertones makes my lips look luscious. It contains certified organic ingredients like natural vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and beeswax to name a few. When applied each time, the colour intensifies. You can also mix their shades to create your that idea! Addicted to their lip conditioners, I have three in my purse & switch them depending on the look I want. But Jump is one of my favourites indefinitely!


So there you have it!! My natural beauty faves! Hope you’ve learned a thing or two, and if there’s a product you love, or recommend leave me a comment!

xoxo Paula


4 thoughts on “Fresh Faced Natural Beauty Faves

    1. Hi Aimee! I love iLia products! They are truly a fab brand! I love using their tinted lip conditioners & mascara. You’ll be pleased with whatever you purchase! Good Luck & Thank-you for your positive comment! 😊

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