Jenny Bird x Indigo


I first heard about Jenny Bird jewelry from a friend that worked at a high-end fashion boutique in Toronto. So I started doing some online “window” shopping on Jenny Bird’s website and thought to myself  “wow these are gorgeous pieces” but I was skeptical of dishing out for such pricey costume jewelry. I love dressing up with one-of-a-kind pieces, but since being a mom I’ve seldomly splurged on such luxury. Then when perusing on Instagram one night, I saw some of my Canadian fashion bloggers that I follow talking about a new Jenny Bird collection. I also learned that this creative Canadian local designer collaborated with Indigo Books to create a more reasonably priced collection for us frugal fashionistas! With much decision making I finally ordered the small lotus necklace in silver. I received my package within a few days and couldn’t wait to unpack it. It was delicately packaged in a simple velvet sachet with a little card and a simple message about The Modern Pearl collection. This sterling silver, lotus pendant with pearl is 18″ in length and fit perfectly around my neck. I love the modern and romantic look of it, yet it’s still so simple and elegant.


I’ve been wearing this prettiness for a few weeks now, and I get many compliments on it. This gorgeous and versatile pendant is only $45 can. Now, I would say that’s worth every penny. The entire limited-edition collection of Jenny Bird is available online at and in select stores.

Happy Shopping!


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